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Major Changes Proposed for 3 Riccarton Rd intersections

Ilam Middleton Riccarton intersection

The City Council is proposing major changes to three intersections on Riccarton Rd. The most extensive will be the intersection of Riccarton, Middleton and Ilam Roads.

Under the proposals, through traffic from Middleton Rd to Ilam Rd will be blocked. It will become a T intersection with only a left-hand turn out of Middleton Rd allowed, and a left turn from Riccarton Rd for vehicles travelling west.

Plan to Soften Road Works Blow

John McNeil

Riccarton Rd

By Georgia O'Connor-Harding, Western News

Clear signage and revamped car parking will be installed to soften the blow for Riccarton businesses facing major roadworks outside their stores this year.

Cycleway could have big impact on Riccarton

cycleway plan

A proposed new cycleway from Templeton to Christchurch will have a significant impact on Riccarton. The City Council will be having consultations about this, but it's important that residents, particularly on the south side of Riccarton Rd, get a clear idea of what is planned.