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Riccarton Rd NZ Post shop closing tomorrow

NZ Post Kiwibank

Riccarton’s NZ Post branch in Riccarton Rd will close tomorrow (Tuesday, 28 July).

Postal, courier and bill payment services have been transferred to the city council’s Riccarton Service Centre at 103 Riccarton Road. The Post Office Boxes will stay at their current location and will continue to be managed by NZ Post.

The KiwiBank branch will stay open in its current location.

Community board unhappy with City Council plan

Riccarton aerial 3

The Halswell-Hornby-Community Board is unhappy with some changes proposed to the City Council’s draft annual plan, and wants to hear from residents.

Because of the impact that events have had on the city, country and world, the council is re-evaluating its proposed annual plan. And because of a legal deadline it faces, it says there is not enough time to hold separate hearings to allow public consultations. However, community boards will be able to make a verbal submission on Friday this week (19th June).

City Council over-rules Community Board, still plans to block traffic between Middleton and Ilam Roads

Aerial Middleton Riccarton Rds

The Christchurch City Council has over-ridden a plea from the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Comunity Board to reconsider major traffic changes at the intersection of Riccarton, Ilam and Middleton Roads.

The council plan will significantly impact the intersection, blocking traffic from travelling between Middleton and Ilam Roads. Middleton Road is a major feed to Canterbury University, but through traffic will be prevented under the plan. Instead, traffic will be able to make only left turns coming from each direction. Right turns into Riccarton Road will also be banned.