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As the 2019 Local Body Elections draw closer, there will be greater focus in the media around candidates and issues. The Riccarton Community Hub website will attempt to provide links to all articles covering local issues and candidates, and will be updated as they appear.

For those to date, see below:

Why Local Body Elections Are Important

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Local body elections in New Zealand tend to have low voter turn-out. Yet the decisions made by city councillors, community boards and other elected people have a huge impact on our daily lives (and wallets). A Radio NZ news item pointing this out can be read at https://www.rnz.co.nz/programmes/the-detail/story/2018710613/local-body-boredom-why-every-council-election-is-a-fizzer 

This year, the elections are on 12 October, and here are some of the reasons why they matter to you:

Riccarton candidates for local body elections


Elections for members of the Christchurch City Council, Mayor, community boards, Canterbury District Health Board, and Environment Canterbury will be held on 12th October 2019.

Riccarton will elect one city councillor, and two members to the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board.

Five people have put their hands up for the position of city councillor for Riccarton, and seven would like to be a community board member. (NOTE: The following profiles will be updated as new information comes to hand.)