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Election Candidates

John McNeil

The Wigram electorate -- which includes Riccarton -- is currently represented by Labour's Megan Woods, who won comfortably in the last election with a margin of 4,594. In 2017, Labour won the largest share of Wigram's party votes by a slim margin – 41.4% to National's 41.2%. Before Ms Woods, the seat was held by Jim Anderton of the Alliance and Progressive parties. Boundary changes this year mean the electorate now includes an area south of Hornby and Aidanfield, and no longer includes the Avonhead area.

Each voter has two votes in the election. The first is for the candidate you want to represent you in parliament. The second vote is for the party you would prefer to form the government. Not all parties have a candidate standing in the Wigram electorate. However, even if it has no candidate here, you can still vote for a party in your second vote.

Following is a list of parties and their Wigram candidates (if there is one).

Megan Woods, current MP.
Richard Wesley
Lives in Spreydon. Formerly a project management consultant.
Local priorities: A stable climate for future generations means clean energy and real transport choices for all. We all deserve safe, warm, and affordable housing, well resourced public services, and a strong social safety net. Care for Aotearoa's precious nature, to hear the dawn chorus in our forests and wildlife to thrive in the our rivers.
 Richard Wesley
Hamish Campbell
Hamish Campbell has a PhD in viruses and cancer from the University of Otago and is currently the Deputy Head of Research at a facility in Australia where he oversees medical research into multiple sclerosis.
 hamish campbell
Miles McConway
Miles is a solicitor practising in Christchurch, where he lives with his fiancee. Originally from the Bay of Plenty, he has made his home in Canterbury for the past 10 years, where he has also volunteered as a case worker at Community Law Canterbury.
 Miles McConway
Maori Party
The Maori electorate Te Tai Tonga covers the whole South Island, so there is no Wigram candidate.  
New Conservative
Averil Nuttall
Averil and her husband have three adult children. They have a family business together, and Averil is also involved in property investment management.
Local priorities: Policies change to 'hand ups' not 'hand outs' to avoid long-term pitfalls and achieve long-term goals. Reduce the red tape: a regulatory burden falls disproportionately on small business, increase productivity, and profit. Families become a home owning generation not just a rent owning generation. Strategies for home ownership for NZers.
 Averil Nuttall
Advance NZ
Douglas Allington
My wife and I have four adult children and six grandchildren we are proud of. We have been involved in community work, and aid projects to the Islands for many years. I chair the board of a national youth organisation dealing with an initiative called “A Hand of Hope – A reason to Live”, addressing youth suicide. I have broad experience in housing construction (NZCB), developments, project management, mortgage advisory (RFA), and other business activity. I have a Post Grad Dip in Secondary Teaching and have trained apprentices, and tutored architectural students at tertiary level.
Local priorities: Greater Christchurch urban development planning, synchronising the regional towns with the city, related to housing developments, roading, cycle and walkways safely linking suburbs. Enhancing and not reducing the health services of the CDHB, ensuring funds match health needs, not reduce health needs to match funding allocation. Building stronger relationships with local councils returning decision making to the local level. Enhancing and supporting local decision making.
 Douglas Allington
Social Credit
Deane Landreth
Self-employed software developer. Lives in Cashmere. Finalist in an international artificial intelligence development award.
Local priorities: Investigate the possibility of a new secondary school within the electorate. Promote small business friendly tax policy that simplifies compliance and widens the tax base. GST will be gone. Ensure local schools can get funding for classrooms other than 'Innovative learning environments'.
 Deane Landreth
Linda Smith-McLaughlin
Born in Irian Jaya and I grew up in Papua New Guinea. I currently live in the Canterbury region with my husband and two adult children and have worked in Aged Care for six years as an Activities and Lifestyle Coordinator.
Local priorities: Advocate for human rights to justice and freedom for those who cannot speak for themselves from the unborn to the elderly. Advocate for improvement in basic services such as health, education and housing, support more affordable new homes. Advocate for increased funding into care facilities.
 Linda McLaughlin
Independent Geoff McTague  
NZ First
No Wigram candidate  
Opportunities Party
No Wigram candidate  
Legalise Cannabis
No Wigram candidate  
Mana No Wigram candidate  
Outdoors Party
No Wigram candidate  
Sustainable NZ
No Wigram candidate  
Vision NZ
No Wigram candidate  
TEA No Wigram candidate