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Poem: What More Is There To Be Said?

A poem written by Muslim Sirwan Mohamadi -- an Iranian refugee -- two days after the Christchurch mosque tragedies.


What more is there to be said?
When women and children are among the dead?
What is going through your head?
Now that 50 and more could be dead?

 It’s up to us to make sure
That this doesn’t happen anymore

It’s not about religion
Or to what and who you swore your legion

It’s about humanity
Bringing peace and immunity
To each and every community

Yes, we are all in shock
|But together on heaven’s door we must knock

But wait
|God always opens the gate
Because he does not differentiate or hate 

For it’s he who knows best
When laying victims to rest 

And keeping them warm
No matter what colour, faith or form 

So now we ask God for direction
On hatred and rejection 

To guide us from above
So we can better love 

Now stand with me to give all we have
To Linwood and Deans Ave



Sirwan Mohamadi
Written on 17-03-2019

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