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Plan to Soften Road Works Blow

John McNeil

Riccarton Rd

By Georgia O'Connor-Harding, Western News

Clear signage and revamped car parking will be installed to soften the blow for Riccarton businesses facing major roadworks outside their stores this year.

City Council staff have been working with Riccarton Rd businesses to come up with solutions to lessen the impact of the upcoming roadworks starting between Harakeke and Matipo Sts.
The work, set to begin in February, is not expected to be completed until December 2020.
It comes after businesses raised concerns over how they would be affected, leading to a meeting with city council staff and the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board before Christmas.
Faster construction methods, additional signage to indicate businesses are open and where available car parking is located will be actioned.
The city council will also revamp its spaces in the shared car park on the northern side of Riccarton Rd between Rimu St and Straven Rd to provide two-hour parking for shoppers.
However, Inspirations manager Robyn Speed said parking will " certainly an issue".
"I am hoping the footpaths will be open so customer traffic shouldn't be a problem," she said.
Ms Speed said her only concern is how the roadworks will affect car parking on a Saturday morning when the Christchurch Farmers' Market is held.
But she said it is one of those things that has to be done and it will take as long as it takes.
Bargain Chemist manager Michael Sohn said the city council needs to ensure one lane is left open for traffic and it is publicised the businesses are still open.
The city council is also developing a parking map for customers it will circulate and businesses will be able to give to customers.
Zac Plumb, a restaurant worker based on Riccarton Rd, said people are concerned the last of the untimed parking in Riccarton will be gone because the parks between Rimu and Straven Rd will become timed.
"I think they probably need to come up with something similar to Wilson Parking. I know people complain about all the parking in there is paid, but at least you can park there without hassle," he said.
Mr Plumb said the main thing the city council needs to make sure of, is the foot traffic is not affected.
The roadworks will involved upgrading damaged underground pipes and rebuilding the road to accommodate bus priority measures.

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