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Will City Council give Riccarton businesses a respite?

Will the City Council heed pleas from Riccarton businesses and pull back on roadworks along Riccarton Road for several months?

 Councillor Vicki Buck writes:

"So you will have noticed that Riccarton Road is an interesting surf at the moment . You will recall I told you that the work hadn’t finished and would restart this year . Staff have met a number of times with the businesses on Riccarton Road and their strong view was that since summer was really important to their trading success they wanted the rest of the road works held off a few months (till around April /May) .

"The Project Team is investigating options at the moment to check if this is possible. They hope to have a confirmed way forward in the next few weeks ....so will keep you in the loop. Until then the Council’s Maintenance Team is looking after the road and completing any remedial repairs as and when necessary."

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