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Selling cars on the roadside about to be banned

The practice of parking vehicles for sale along Riccarton Road is soon to become illegal.

When the city council’s new Traffic and Parking Bylaw comes into force in March, the owners of these vehicles will be breaking the law.

Under the new bylaw, a person must not stop, stand or park a vehicle on any road or parking place to offer it for sale, unless it is being used for day-to-day travel.

City council head of strategic policy Helen Beaumont said on some streets, it created hazards and distractions.

“Drivers have been seen making risky manoeuvres, such asU-turns, in order to get a better view or to park alongside the cars for sale.”

AA senior policy analyst Mark Stockdale said, if implemented, the city council should focus its enforcement on the busy streets where there was a risk.

“Car sales businesses shouldn’t be using public parks to sell cars for profit.”

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